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Regular transactions via creditors


I want to setup a regular payment to a creditor so I don't have to re-enter the same transaction every time it is due. How do I do this?

Detailed Description

Cashbook provides a method of setting up regular transactions that can be processed automatically. There are 2 sections below:

1. To set up regular transactions

2. How to process regular transactions  Please NOTE: regular transactions still need to be processed to be completed


1. To set up regular transactions:

Step 1

  • Open Cashbook and click on the Creditors toolbar option.

Step 2

  • Click on the Suppliers tab
  • Select the supplier you wish to set up a regular transaction for and click on the Edit button, or double-click on the supplier.

Step 3

In the Basic Details tab, select whether you would like a Single dissection line (if you only want to create single-account transactions) or Multiple dissection lines (if you want to create multiple-account transactions)..

  • If Single dissection line is chosen you will then be able to add any of the following details you require; ReferenceAccountEnterpriseAmount and Dissection Note.
  • If Multiple dissection lines is chosen you will be able to add any of the following you require; Reference, Amount, Account, Enterprise, Value Type, Value or Note.

Step 4

Click on the Schedule tab and complete the details that you wish to make applicable to this transaction:

  • the Frequency that you would like the transaction to occur, either Weekly, Fortnightly, 4 Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Twice a Year
  • Next Due Date
  • Number Remaining (if you do not how many remaining transactions there will be but you want these transactions to continue for a while select a large number, for example 100, and then stop the regular transactions if they end before the 100 repeats are completed).
  • You can stop regular transactions at any time.
  • Click on the OK to button to save the settings.


2. How to process regular transactions

Step 1

  • Click on the Transactions > Process Regular Transactions to display the list of regular transactions due for processing

Step 2

If there are some transactions in the list you do not wish to process, un-check the box under Process by left clicking once in the box. 

Prior to processing transactions it is possible to change the Due Date if required. This can be done clicking the drop down arrow next to the due date for the transaction.

Step 3

Once only the transactions you wish to process are ticked click on the Process button. To complete processing these transactions click Yes when prompted. 

A prompt will then appear, saying Processing Complete. This will have also reset the next due date for each transaction.


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