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How to Backup Stockbook


How do I backup (save) my Stockbook data?

How do I backup my data and then send a backup to the Data Warehouse?

Detailed Description

Backing up Stockbook in a local location

Step 1

  • Click on either File > Backup Database menu option or Click on the Backup button.


Step 2

NOTE: Please do not be concerned by the following 'Error' message, it will be displayed if you do not have a disc inserted into the Drive "a" of your computer.

  • Click on the OK button if you wish to backup to a disc. Insert the disk first. Otherwise,
  • Click on the Cancel button and choose another means to save your backup.

Step 3

  • Click on the  icon to option the Browse for Computer window to search for the appropriate backup location:
    • a removable storage device (such as a CD or USB flash drive. ( Note: plug in or insert into your computer before clicking to the folder icon to browse.)
    • a folder on your network.

  • Click on the folder to select. e.g. Stockbook Backups.
  • Click on the OK button.


How to Backup to the Data Warehouse

Step 1.

  • Click on the Fix button. 

  • A unique Backup File Name will automatically be generated. (Note: you are not able to type a backup name.)
  • Backup File Name consists of:
    • Prefix e.g. TEST1
    • Date e.g. 170315
    • Number of backups e.g. -01
    • File type .sbu
  • Comment - optional.
  • Tick the Send this file to the Practical systems Data Warehouse upon completion check box, if you wish to also backup to the Data Warehouse.
  • Click on the Backup button to save.

  • Click Yes to the Confirm message: ' Do you want to continue with the backup? (TEST00170315-01.sbu)
  • Click OK to Information message: 'Backup completed.'

Step 2

NOTE: If you chose to have your backup sent to the 'Data Warehouse' upon completion you will then be asked to sign into Data Warehouse and complete that backup process. 

  • Click OK to the Information message: 'You will now be asked to login to the data warehouse server. Once logged in your backup will be uploaded.'
  • To Login, enter your Practical Systems Client Code and Password.
  • Click OK to continue.

  • Click on the Next button. (Password protecting your backup is OPTIONAL. Not advisable because if you forget the password the backup will be unusable. There is absolutely no way a password can be retrieved.)
  • Enter a backup file description. e.g. TEST1 Backup 17/03/17.
  • Click on the OK button.

  • Click OK to the Information message: 'The File has been successfully uploaded to the server.'





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