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Pregnancy Testing and Calculating Sire


Which option should I select when I am calculating Sires from an AI and a back up bull? 

Detailed Description

Step 1

Step 2

  • Select the Events > Preg. Test/ Scan menu option. 
  • Click on the  OK button


Step 3

  • Enter the required information
    • the No. Weeks pregnant
    • Select from the Test Type options 
    • Enter the Test Date
    • Select the Sire > Calculate option 
    • Select the From Join option (see Notes below) that you want to calculate the sire from
    • Optional: Enter the details under Defaults if you wish to do so
  • Click on the OK button. 


  • Click on the Yes button to confirm setting the pregnancy status



  • The 2nd-last (AI) refers to the second last joining in this period which is normally the AI joining,
  • The Last (Backup) refers to the last joining in this period which is normally a back-up bull, which has been used after any AI.
  • The way the program will calculate the Sire is dependent on what data you have entered for each animal and joining. Here is a brief outline of how the Sire is calculated:
    • If you do not enter the No. of Weeks OR select Last (Backup) :
      • If Last (Backup) option is selected it will select the sire from the last joining, OR
      • If you selected the 2nd-Last (AI) option and there are two joinings in this period then it will select the second last joining, OR  
      • It will select the last joining.
    • If you have entered the No. of Weeks and do not select the Last (Backup) option:
      • The program will calculate a conception date and determine which joining best corresponds to this conception date (refer to conception windows for different joining types below), OR 
      • It may find that two joinings meet the criteria, in which case you will have to manually select one and/or Stockbook will not select one.
  • Different Types of joinings indicate different conception periods:
    • Natural Joinings: Conception date can be between 14 days before joining to 90 days after joining (If no Date Out for Bulls is recorded) or 14 days after joining Date Out.
    • AI and Hand Mate: Conception date can be +/- 14 days of the joining date.
    • ET: Conception date can be between 21 days before the joining date and 7 days after. 




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