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Attach documents to a transaction


How do I attach one or more documents to a transactions e.g. an invoice or receipt?

Detailed Description

Many small business are trying to go paperless as much as possible. Many businesses now email their tax invoices and receipts directly to their customers to save time and postage costs. Cashbook allows you to store and save all those tax invoices and receipts to each specific accounting transaction that relates to them. You can also do the same with saved scanned documents.

You can attach a document to an actual receipt or payment in the cashbook, or to a debtor or creditor invoice. This document can then be viewed at a later date. Transaction documents can also be added to a backup, so your accountant can also view the documents.


Transactions in the cashbook receipts and payments listing

a). When adding a new transaction or editing an existing one:

  • Click on the Documents button.

  • Click on the Add button.

  • Select a document (file) associated with the current transaction.
  • The description defaults to the name of the file loaded. Change this to be something more descriptive if necessary, so that you will know what is in the document without having to view it. You can change the description later if you need to.
  • To assign another document, click on the Add button again and repeat the process.
  • Click on the Save button to complete the process.

Click on the Close button.
You will now notice the  button is now green. This indicates there is at least one document attached to the transaction. You can add more than one document to one transaction.

b). In the Cashbook Receipts and Payments window:

  • You will now notice a  icon on the right hand side of any transaction that has a document assigned to it.
  • If you highlight (click on) a transaction with a document attached, you can Add, Edit or Delete a document directly by clicking on the Documents button at the bottom of this page.


Debtor and Creditor Invoices

Documents can also be attached to Debtor and Creditor Invoices:

  • when adding or editing an Invoice - the process is exactly the same as detailed for cashbook transactions above, OR
  • by clicking on the Documents button when viewing an invoice listing - the process is exactly the same as detailed for cashbook transaction listing above

Viewing existing documents attached to a transaction

  • From a transaction listing, you can click on a transaction (it should be showing the symbol), click on the Documents button, select the appropriate document record and click on the View button.
  • While editing an existing transaction, click on the Documents button (the caption should be green), select the appropriate document record and click on the View button.
  • When a document is added to an invoice and that invoice is linked to a transaction the document does not carry accross to the transaction. I can be added again through the above process.


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