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Which file formats are prefered


I want to be able to import an image of my farm into PS FarmMap. Which file formats are prefered?

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FarmMap Photographic Images

Preferred file formats for FarmMap are:

geotif is the preferred file format as it has the required calibration points in the image file.

If geotif is unavailable then:
bmp, tif or jpeg formats can be used. jpeg file formats are the LEAST preferred due to their limited file size capability. Please be aware that these file formats DO NOT have calibration points in the image file. You will be required to obtain calibration points in a separate file or alternately, you can obtain your own calibration points by using your GPS.

You will not be able to calibrate your aerial map in FarmMap if you do not have the required calibration points.

Note: ECW files don't require the associated 'world' file if your software can read an ECW file. FarmMap DOES NOT handle ECW files, however, ECW files can be converted by Practical Systems. However, the resulting images do not retain the ECW calibration points.

A 'world' file is a text file that allows the software to read the geographical file and calibrate the image to the correct location. 

Rectified images are precise and all points are in their true geographical position. Most commercially images are NOT rectified. 

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