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Import Sheep Genetics data into Stockbook


How do I import Sheep Genetics data into Stockbook?

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Go the Sheep Genetics website:

  • Login to the Sheep Genetics system using your login and password.
  • Find the file to import and save it to a convenient location.
  • Open Stockbook.

Before starting you may need to Assign Trait names for "Sheep" using Standard Lamplan estimated breeding values, if you have never imported Sheep Genetics data before.

  • Click on the Setup > Performance > Trait Analysis System menu option.
  • Click on the Set Standard Lamplan button.
  • Select the values you require by ticking or unticking the check boxes next to each Description.
  • NOTE: You cannot select more than 19 or less than 1 EBV's. You must also report on at least 1 Breed Objects.
  • Click on the Initialise button.


  • Click on the File > Import Options > Sheep Genetics File.
  • In the Import SG File window:
    • Step 1: Select the file to import... click on the to locate where you have saved the Sheep Genetics file.
    • Step 2: Select options... (Within Herd - sheep in your flock; Across flock is all sheep across different flocks within a breed group; Interim - for some breeders, the scheduling of Lambplan evaluations does no always cooincide with their requirements for up-to-date. This option is to meet this need.
    • Step 3: click on the Import File button.


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