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How to transfer data from Reader


How do I import details from my reader into Stockbook?

Detailed Description

Transferring Data from a Reader involves transferring a log history (action list) from your Reader at the end of a session in the yards into Stockbook.

This method provides a way of importing captured EID's only. 

Step 1

Connect your Reader to your computer, either via bluetooth or via serial cable.

Step 2 

Once you have the reader connected:

  • Click on Electronic Id. > Transfer Data From Reader menu option.

Step 3

Within the Transfer Data From Reader screen:

  • Click on the Transfer From Reader button when your reader is in communications mode.
  • This form will capture all the electronic Ids. of animals that have been read by the reader.
    • EID's displayed, that already exist in your database, will have their corresponding tag number displayed beside it.
    • EID's displayed, that are not in your database and have not been assisgned to a VID-visual id. (in the Electronic ID. > TAG/EID/DNA Cross-reference menu option), will have the word **MISSING** beside it.
    • Both methods give you a count of the number of animals/reords processed.

Note: Any animal that are flagged as missing can be bulk added via the multi-add screen. Simply select any missing animals to be added and click on the Multi-Add Missing button. Please note that only systems-generated tags can be assigned to these animails. If necessary, these tags could be replaced by actual tags if required.


Step 4

Saving and Using the List

Once the current animal list has been transferred from your reader, you can save specific groups of animals to one of your own User Lists.

  • Use normal Windows techniques to select which group of animals should be transferred to the User List. (Group select: Shift + mouse; Random select: Ctrl + mouse)
  • Select the required list (or click on the + button to create a new list, or edit list names).
  • Tick the appropriate radio dial button, i.e. Add to User List or Overwrite the User List.
  • Click on the Save to List button.



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