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Payment Summaries - Amended (individual employee)


How do I Print (Export or Lodge) an individual Payment Summary?

Detailed Description

PAYG Payment Summaries: Under pay as you go (PAYG) withholding, you must give each of your employees, workers and other payees a payment summary showing the payments you have made to them and the amounts you withheld from those payments during a financial year.

It is important you provide payment summaries to all your employees even if you were not required to withhold any tax.

You can't simply change the information on a PAYG (pay as you go) withholding payment summary after you have given it to the payee or provided your PAYG payment summary annual report to the ATO. 

  • If your employee loses their payment summary, don't issue a new one. Give them a signed photocopy of your own copy showing all the details from the lost payment summary.
  • If you find a mistake in the tax file number, dollar amount or payment type or code after you've given the payment summary to the employee or ATO, prepare a new payment summary.

Note: Both Payee (employee) and the ATO require the amended summary. 


To Print (or Export to ATO or ATO Lodgement) an individual amended payment summary:

  • Click on the Payroll toolbar option.
  • Click on the Reports tab.
  • Click on the Payment Summary Report option.
  • Tick the Include totals summary box.
  • Tick the Amend Only check box.
  • Click on the individual employee to select.
  • Click on either the:
    • Print button
    • Export to ATO button



If the original payment summary was lodged via paper you will need to:

  • click on the  button to print a new copy of the individuals amended PAYG payment summary for your employee and for your records (also print a PAYG payment summary statement for your records.)
  • Note: use this information to fill out your amended payment summary and payment summary statements forms. 
  • complete an a new PAYG payment summary - individual non-business form. You have to mark the amending a payment summary box as shown.

Send your amended PAYG payment summary forms and PAYG payment summary statement to:

Australian Taxation Office
Locked Bag 50


If the original payment summary was lodged online (or via your accountant) you will need to:

  • click on the Print button to print a new copy of the individuals amended PAYG payment summary for your employee and for your records (also print an amended PAYG payment summary statement for your records.)
  • generate an amended file for the ATO by clicking on the  button. 
  • choose a location e.g a folder on your computer or a usb device.
  • click on the Save button.


  • Click Yes to the following Confirm message:


  • Click OK to the Information message: 'Export Complete.'
  • Lodge your amended payment summary annual reports online using the ATO business portal or give this file to your accountant to lodge for you.



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