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How do I print a Balance Sheet report/statement?

Detailed Description

The Balance Sheet report/statement is also known as an Assets and Liabilities report. 


The Net Worth report lists the assets, liabilities and owner's (stockholders') equity as a specific point in time.

  • Assets: are the things that the company owns. (e.g. Cash, Accounts Receivable, Land, Buildings, Equipment, Investments, etc.)
  • Liabilities: are amounts owed to creditors. (e.g. Accounts Payable, Salaries/Wages payable, Interest Payable, loans, etc.
  • Owner's Equity: is equal to the reported asset amounts minus ther reported liability amounts. (ie. Owner's Equity = Assets - Liabilities)

This report is also referred to as the Statement of Financial Position. It shows what a company owns as well as what it owes to other parties, as at the date the report is run.


To print a Asset and Liabilities report:

  • Click on the Reports > Financials > Assets and Liabilities menu option.


In the Statement of Assets and Liabilities window:

  • Statement as at: select the ending date for the report which must be within the current financial year.
  • Tick the Include Account Codes check box if you require account codes printed alongside the account description.
  • Tick the Include Comparatives check box, if you require the opening balances for assets and liabilities to preint alongside the balances as at the selected report date.
  • Tick the Detail Sub-accounts check box, if you require individual sub-account totals printed.
  • Tick the Include Reporting Group subtotals if you require sub-totals on reporting groups.
  • Report Type - select either: 
    • Cash  (Cash accounting is where income is recognised at the point of receipt and expenses are recognised at the point where they are paid.)
    • Accrual (Accrual accounting is where income is recognised when earned and expenses recognised when they are incurred.)
  • Click on the Print button to bring up the report in screen preview mode - click the printer icon to print the report.




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