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Linking To Invoices when adding a receipt


Why can't I get access to the invoice list in the Add Transaction window, when I am trying to record a receipt (deposit) from a customer?

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If the Invoices button is missing when you are trying to record Payments from customers via the Add Transaction screen, you need to:

  • Click on the Debtors icon toolbar option.
  • Click on the Setup tab.
  • Make sure Customer receipting is set to 'Optional' (NOT 'Compulsory').

Alternatively, ensure that Debtors>Setup>Update Debtors List in Transaction Entry is ticked.

Note: If the Debtors toolbar icon is greyed out, this will also cause the Invoice button to disappear. Go to Setup > Settings > click on the Modules tab > tick the Activate Debtors (customers) check box.

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