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Moving multiple tags from the Unallocated Tag List into Stockbook


I have animals in my unallocated tag list that I want to bring into Stockbook. How can I do this? 

Detailed Description

Step 1

View Unallocated Tag List

  • Click on Electronic ID > Unallocated Tag List menu option.


  • This screen shows a list of all unallocated tags that have been entered into Stockbook.
  • These have been saved from the EID link from Reader/Tag Bucket (i.e. by (1) transferring a list of EID's that you have saved in your Reader, directly into Stockbook and then assigning a visual Id to each uploaded EID's or (2) importing a tag bucket file given to you by your tag suppier or from the NLIS database) screen.
  • An unallocated tag is normally a tag linked to an electronic Id., that represents an animal not yet entered into Stockbook.


Step 2

Add Unallocated Tags (ID's) into Stockbook:

  • Click on the Animals toolbar icon.
  • Down the bottom of the main Animal screen Click on the Mulit-Add button.



  • Click the Unallocated Tags option in Assign Ids. by box.


  • You will be presented with a list of all pending new animals. The Primary Ids. shown represent tags that have been cross-referenced to an electronic Id. but have not yet been placed on file as animals.
  • Select the tags for which you want to create animals:
    • A green background means that you have selected an animal.
    • Click on the Select All button to select all tags in the list.
    • To select tags in a contiguous group, click on the first tag in the group, hold down the Shift key and then click on the last tag in the group.
    • To select (or deselect) individual tags, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the tag/s you require.
  • Click on the Back ..... button to return to the Multiple Animal Addition window and enter the remaining animal details.


Step 3: 

  • Enter any information about these animals that you would like to bring in with the new IDs. 
  • Click on the OK button.


  • Click Yes to Confirm message: ' Are you sure that you want to add 18 selected animals?'
  • Click OK to Information message: ' Multi-add complete. Click on Cancel to exit, or you can enter new data.'
  • These animals have now been added to your Animals list and removed from your Unallocated Tag List.


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