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How do I change sale details of stock already entered as a Disposal (2). Sale/Death/Disposal) Event?

Detailed Description

You cannot edit a sale that has already been entered. You need to undo the sale and re-enter it:

  • Click on the Animals toolbar icon.
  • Tick on the Include Inactive check box.
  • Click on the Filter button to search for the animals sold, if you have a large number of inactive animals listed. (e.g. enter in the Primary Ids from WS40 to WS50)
  •  Select the animals. (Note: A dark green background means that you have selected the animal/s.)
  • Click on the Events button.

  • Click on Sale/Death/Disposal option in the Events window.
  • Click on Undo button.

  • Click Yes to Confirm message: 'Are you sure you want to reverse disposal for selected animals?'
  • Click Yes to the following Confirm message:

  • Click OK to Information message: 'Undo operation completed.'
  • Click on the Cancel/Exit button.
  • You can now redo your sale event.

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