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Bank Feeds - processing Transfer transactions


Why am I getting a message saying that the bank has been reconciled when I am trying to process a Transfer transaction?

Detailed Description

This may occur when:

  1. You have 2 or more bank accounts registered for PS Bank Feeds, and
  2. The Transfer transaction is from one registered bank account to another, and
  3. You have reconciled one of the bank accounts.


Solution: you need to 'Match' the transfer transaction in the second bank account:

  • Click on the Match tab.
  • Click on the Find Matches button.
  • Tick the Matched check box next to the Transfer transaction.
  • Click on the OK button to save.


If the transfer transaction is not in the Incoming Transaction details list in the Matched Transaction window, then:

  • Check to see if the transfer transaction in Cashbook has been entered correctly. i.e. It should be recorded as a Transfer transaction, not a Payment or a Receipt (deposit) transaction.

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