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Stockhand App: Cloud Setup Screen


What does the Cloud Setup Screen do?

Detailed Description

The cloud setup screen allows you to sync everythying, reset and view login details, view pending/completed requests and view sessions. 

To reach the cloud setup screen:

Step 1: Press Setup from the home screen.

Step 2: Press Cloud.

After pressing Cloud, the following screen will appear.

Sync Everything Now: Enables you to sync everything to the database.

Reset Login Details: Enables you to reset your login details for the Stockhand App. Click Here for more information. 

Pending/Completed Requests: If you create an action using the tools screen whilst you are out of wifi or mobile data range these actions will appear in the Pending/Complete Requests screen. Click Here for more information.

Sessions: Enables you to view and delete the sessions you have created on your Stockhand App. Click Here for more information. 


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