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Connecting Tru Test: EID Panel Reader & XR5000


How do I connect my Tru Test EID Panel reader to Stockbook along with an XR5000? 


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Connect the panel reader

Set the Bluetooth to manual on the EID reader.

*Manual so that the device it is connecting to has to choose to be connected (XR or computer) as it cannot be connected to both *

Once you have set the bluetooth to manual connect it to the computer through the bluetooth.


Then ensure that it is connected in live entry and test a tag.

Connect the XR5000

On the home screen go to Settings > Next Page > Connections.

Once you are in connections a list of devices available via Bluetooth connection will appear.

  • Select the device that you want to pair to the XR5000 (the laptop).
  • Select enter and a drop down list of options will appear with 1 option being Connect.
  • Select the enter button so that the device will connect.

The Status of the device will change to Connected.
Now connect the XR5000 to Stockbook and test the weight.


Setup Sessions on the XR5000

On the Home Screen select New Session.

A screen will appear allowing for the name of the session to be entered:

Name this session Stockbook.


Select Start Session.

When you are on the weigh screen for the session select Options on the weigh screen.
Press the enter button when the Information to display option is highlighted.

This will bring a list of all of the possible fields for data entry on the XR5000 while in the yards.
Scroll down the list using the up and down arrows and to de select fields when they are highlighted press enter.
When setting up the Stockbook session only have weight selected in the options list.

To return to the weigh screen select the Weigh button on the right hand side of the XR5000 directly above the Home button.

The screen will then show a 0.0 to indicate that there is no current weight.


To view the sessions on your XR5000 select the Home button.
Once you are on the home screen select View Sessions.

This will take you to a screen that has a list of the available sessions.
To select a session when it is highlighted press enter and you will be given options such as ‘Open Session’ or ‘Delete Session’ or ‘Re-open Session’.

Connect Panel reader & XR5000 together for the use outside of SB

1.On the panel reader ensure that the Bluetooth is set to manual and on.

2.On the XR5000 go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.

3.The reader name will come up on the list of available devices with the status as ‘available’.

4.Highlight this device and press Enter which will give you an option to then select Connect.

5.Once the devices have connected the status of the reader on the Bluetooth screen of the XR5000 will change to Connected.

6.To ensure that it is paired on the EID reader select MENU/ENTER and use the arrows to scroll down the list until the menu option Paired Devices is available.

7.Select Enter on the panel reader and the XR5000 will be listed as a paired device.

8.You will now be able to use the two devices together without SB.

*ensure that the session being used on the XR5000 has the VID or EID selected to save the data* 


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