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What does the Trait Templates screen allow me to do?

Detailed Description

The Trait Templates screen allows you to setup templates for collecting trait data. For example, when weaning calves you may enter traits of coat colour, calving ease and frame score. The Trait Templates data entry option allows you to setup a template with all of your selected traits. When you enter the data entry tab you can select the particular template you have set up depending on what activity you are doing. 

To access the Trait Template settings follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on Setup from the home screen. 

Step 2: Click on Data Entry.

Step 3: Click on Trait Templates.

Once you have clicked on Trait Templates the following screen will appear. Here you can add a new template, edit an existing template or delete an existing template. 

Adding or editing a template

Step 1: Follow the above steps and click on Add or Edit. Once you have done that the following screen will appear. Here you can add a trait, edit a trait, move your selection, delete a trait from the selected template or change the name of the template. 

If you click on Add or Edit, the following screen will appear. Here you can change the trait and how its entered. You can also set traits up so that they dont have to be entered for every animal, you do this by switching the required tab. 



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