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Cashbook - Check List for Setting Up a New Company


What information do I need to set up a new company in Cashbook?

Detailed Description

  • Company Information
    • Company/Entity Name
    • Address
    • ABN
    • ACN
    • Contact
    • Telephone
    • Mobile
    • Facsimile
    • Email
  • Enterprise
    • Enterprises: Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Horses, Wheat, Barley, Cotton, etc.


  • Bank Account/s Information
    • Bank Account/s Details
      • Account Name
      • Account Balance
      • Account Number
      • BSB
    • Opening bank statement balance for the start of the financial year (i.e. closing bank statement balance for the end of the previous financial year.)

    • Note : If you are starting Cashbook part way through a financial year and do not intend on adding data from the start of the financial year, you will require opening balances etc., from the date you intend to start entering data for.

    • A list of any outstanding payments or receipts as of the start of the financial year. You will find this from your final reconciliation from the previous financial year.


  • Assets & Liabilities

    • Balance Sheet from last financial year (ask accountant) - to enter opening balances of Assets and Liabilities.

    • Loan Schedules (if applicable).


  • Trading Accounts
    • Opening livestock numbers as of the start of the financial year for trading account setup.

    • Decide what stock valuation method you will be using e.g. average cost or market value. We recommend you speak to your accountant before choosing which method to use. 

  • Have an idea of the types of income and expense categories you require, so you can select the chart from the list that best suits your needs.You will be able to preview the charts before you select.


  • Payroll

Note: The below information can be gather by getting all employees to fill in a Tax File Declaration Form and ATO Superannuation (super) Standard Choice form.

  • Employee Details Required:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone
    • Mobile
    • Facsimile
    • Email
    • Status - Casual, Contractor, Part-Time, Permanent,
    • Date of Birth
    • Start Date
    • Tax Scale (e.g 02 Tax Free Threshold Claimed)
    • TFN Tax File Number
    • Pay Frequency - Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly.
    • Bank Details for paying them.
    • Superannuation Fund Information
      • Regulated
        • Name
        • ABN
        • USI
        • Member Number
      • SMSF
        • Name
        • ABN
        • ESI
        • Bank Account Details (Name, BSB, Account Number)


  • Fixed Asset Register  - ask accountant.
    • List of current assets (e.g. truck, tractor, machinery)
      • purchase date
      • original purchase amount
      • name of supplier (business you purchased the asset from).
      • current written down value of asset.
    • Depreciation Rate % for each asset.
    • Method of Depreciation - Diminishing Value or Prime Cost.

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