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Multi treat


How do I record a Multi- treatment in Stockbook? 

Detailed Description

Step 1. 

  • Select the animals you wish to record the treatment for. To select mutliple animals can be selected by holding down CTRL on keyboard. 
  • Once the appropriate animals are highlighted click on Multi Treat


Step 2. 

Note: If you already have treatments set up, go to Step 3. 

  • If you do not have any treatments setup, click Add. 


  • Enter in the Description, Treatment, Product, Rate, Units and Rate Type.
  • Tick restrict product list in order to only show products used for the specific treatment selected. 
  • Click OK when completed. 


Step 3. 

  • Highligh the treatment you wish to record and click Treat Animal(s).

  • Enter in the Treat Date
  • Click Apply 


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