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Backup to Data Warehouse (Single Company)


How do I backup my company data file to the Practical Systems Data Warehouse?

Detailed Description

PS Data warehouse is a secure online warehouse which provides you with a secure off-site storage option.


How to Backup a Single Company to PS Data Warehouse:

Click on the Backup toolbar icon.


  • Click on the File > Backup Data Files menu option.


  • Tick the Send backup to Practical Systems Data Warehouse check box.
  • In the Options box, tick the Include documents checkbox, if you wish any documents attached to transactions to be included in the backup. Note: that this has the potential to significantly increase the size of the backup file, depending on how many documents are attached to transactions.
  • Tick the check box next to each year you wish to include in the backup. If there is not a tick next to a year, it will not be in the backup.
  • Click on the Start Backup button.


  • You will now be asked to login to the Data Warehouse server.
  • In the PS Login window, enter your Client Code and Password.
  • Click on the OK button.


  • We advise you do not Password Protect your Backup, as Practical Systems cannot retrieve your data if you forget your password.
  • Click on the Next button.


  • Enter a description of your backup. (eg. The Name of the Company, if you have more that one company; or Backup 07/08/2017.)
  • Click on the OK button.


  • Click OK to the Information messsage: ' The File has been successfully uploaded to the server.'



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