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Creating a receipt from an invoice and adding transaction in Cashbook

Detailed Description

Setting up receipt of payment settings:

  • Click on Debtors
  • Click Setup tab
  • Change customer receipting to 'Compulsory'

This will allow you to receipt your invoices NOTE* This will change how receipt transactions are added into Cashbook you will no longer be able to link transactions through the main Cashbook transaction screen

Enter a Debtor Invoice:

  • Click on the Debtors toolbar icon
  • Click on the Invoices tab.
  • Click on the Add button.
  • Enter invoice details. For example:

NOTE* Now that the Customer Receipting has been set to Compulsory you will notice Payment Details is now greyed out

Creating a receipt:

  • Click on Receipts
  • Click on Add
  • Select the Customer of the invoice that needs receipting
  • Fill in relevant receipt detail
  • Click Print to get a copy of the receipt to send to payee

Banking a receipt:

For you to get the invoice payment information into Cashbook you need to 'Bank' your receipt

  • In Debtors, click on Receipts
  • Change Transaction Status to Unbanked

  • Right-click to select receipts to be banked
  • By right-clicking, you will see a little cash bag indicating you are ready to bank the receipt

  • Click Bank down the bottom of the screen to bank the payment and add the transaction into Cashbook

  • A screen will pop-up with Banking details
  • Click OK

  • A pop-up alert will come up asking if you want to print banking schedule - select No

The transaction will now be in Cashbook at the bottom of the page.

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