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Add Data Entry Template in Live Entry


How to set up and save a new Data EntryTemplate in Stockbook Live Entry?

Detailed Description

Data Entry Templates are used when animals have already been entered into Stock Book.

Add Animal Templates are used when adding new animals through Live Entry. (ie. the animal/s do not exist in Stock Book.)


These instructions are for adding a new Data Entry Template:

Step 1.

  • Click on the Live Entry toolbar icon to open.


Step 2.

  • Click on down arrow  to select an Activity from the drop down list. You are provided with three default activities for Induction, Preg Test and Weighing. These default activities have data entry and quick add templates pre-set for the particular activities. 
  • Click on the START LIVE ENTRY button.


Step 3.

  • Click on Setup > Data EntryTemplate menu option.


Step 4.

In the Data Entry Template Setup window:

  • In the Available Options column:
    • Tick the check box beside each field you wish to include in your template. (e.g. Weights)
    • Click on the [+] button to the left of the field to expand the possible options tree.
    • Double Click the options you require or, use the red arrow to move the selected option across (e.g. Weight Obs. Code, Weight).
  • These options will now appear in the Selected Options column on the right of the screen.
  • Quite a few of these fields will hold the entered information for each animal (Eg Weight Obs. Code).
  • Move the fields around so that the ones that need updating every time are near the top.
  • You can reorder the Selected Options by highlighting the option, and using the Up/Down arrows located at the bottom of the "Selected Options" window.
  • Once all options are selected and order is correct, click OK to save.


Step 5.

  • The Live Entry should look like the following:

Note: Some of the fields are default fields that will be consistent from one animal to the next, for example, Wt Obs. Code (PSW - Pre Sale Weight)These can be entered manually and will automatically default to the next animal after saving.


Step 6.

  • Click Save Layout

  • Enter a new name for the template in the "File Name" feild.
  • Click OK

Note: Once you save the template it will appear in the drop-down when starting Live Entry. As Shown below.




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