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NLIS PIC Reconciliation


How to use NLIS PIC reconciliation webpage.

Detailed Description

Go to Agrisphere Web Console and select the Login option:

The link to the website is HERE.


Enter your Login details:

Go to settings and select NLIS Login details:

You will be taken to your NLIS Login Details screen:

If you require a PIC Reconcilliation Report sent to you on a daily basis go to Daily PIC Reconcillation Report > tick 'I want a daily report emailed to' > enter your preferred email address > update:

If you require to add a new PIC to you list simply go to Your PIC's > select 'Add a PIC' > Enter new PIC details and select the 'Update PIC details':

If you need to grant user access to another user for one of your PIC's simply go to Your PIC's > Actions > Grant user access > Enter Client ID of the person you wish to give access to > Press Add User:


If you want to revoke your access to outside PIC's go to PIC's you have access to > Actions > Revoke your access:

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