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Calibrating Stockbook TSI Scales


How do I re-configure Gallagher scales? 

Detailed Description

Step 1

  • Right-click on the Gallagher weigh app on the task bar (the smaller icon) and select 'Engineering Options...'


Step 2

  • Select 'Adjust Span


Step 3

  • Select 'Respan Now'. 


Step 4

  • Zero the scales by making sure there is nothing on the load bars and the gate is shut.


Step 5

  • Once the scales are zeroed, select 'Zero'. 


Step 6

  • ​Click on the '100.0kg' option.


Step 7

  • Set the weight you wish to configure with. For example, if you are configuring 200kg, enter 200kg.
  • Note: The greater the weight you test, the more accurate the configuration will be.
  • Once you have entered the weight you wish to configure, select 'Test Weight'. 


Step 8

  • Select 'Weigh' once the weight has been put on the scales and the gate is shut.


Step 9

  • Select 'Accept Span' if this weight is correct. Your scales are now configured and ready to use. 


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