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Looking for animals in Societies


Animals 'disappear' in Stockbook when the wrong society is selected. You may have also downgraded from a stud version of Stockbook to commercial version (this hides any stud animals/information), but have restored a backup from the stud version. If you have downgraded from a Stockbook stud version to a commercial version and are trying to transfer stud animals into your commercial animals, please contact Practical Systems Support.

Detailed Description

To make animals visible again go to File > Select Society (or press F7 on your keyboard). A list of available societies will become available. Select the society you believe your animals are located in. You will be prompted that a society change has been done.  See below images:

If you still cannot locate your animals after the society change has been completed, you may still be in the incorrect breed society. You can check that the animals are in your Stockbook by going to the All Societies option. See below image:

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