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How to transfer animals from one Stockbook Database to another

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Section 1 - Transferring animals from a Stockbook Database

Step 1. Select the animals you wish to dispose of - Go to Events > Disposal 2). Sale/Death/Disposal > OK 



Step 2. Select Date > Reason (press + if you haven't already got a reason in the dropdown list) > Select Type - Death/Disposal/Transfer > OK

Step 3. You will get a message asking if you are sure you want to record the disposal for selected animals > OK  

Step 4. Go to include inactive animals > Select the animals you just made inactive 


Step 5. Go to File > Data Transfer > Backup Selected Animals and History

Step 6. Tick the boxes indicating the data that you require to be transferred NOTE** It is not recommended to transfer Pedigree Animals as it will transfer excessive data - only transfer if required > OK

Step 7. Take note of the location against 'Backup Name' as you will need to retrieve the backup to send to the recipient of the transferred animals  - C:\Users\Office\Documents\Stockbook\ > OK 

 A 'Backup complete' will pop up > OK


You have now completed the first section of the process on how to transfer animals from one Stockbook Database to another.

Section 2 - Transferring animals into a Stockbook Database

Step 1. Go to File > Data Transfer > Restore Animals and History

Step 2. Select the file > OK > you will get an alert to proceed with restoring animal and history details from another database? > Yes

Step 3. Click OK on the information box pop up asking you to continue with the restore. 

Step 4. A window with the available animals will come up. You will need to allocate the relevant mob, group, paddock, and vendor if applicable. To maintain the mobs and groups the animals were allocated to in the previous database, simply tick 'Preserve incoming mob' and/or 'Preserve incoming group'. If you wish to omit any animals from being transferred from the file simply tick the 'omit' box next to the relevant animal > OK

Step 5. Click YES to any information alerts that pop up and OK to Restore complete information alert

Step 6. Click the refresh button in Stockbook and animals on the transfer file will be available for viewing in the animals screen

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