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PAYG Payment Summary will not print for an employee


Why won't a PAYG Payment Summary print for one or more of my employees?

Detailed Description

Cashbook uses standard Australian Taxation Office formula to calculate tax instalment deductions. The formula variables are set up in the Tax Scales tab of the main payroll listing screen.

Tax scales above 74 (flat rates) are not eligible for a Payment Summary (PAYG).

Tax scales above 60 must have an ABN associated with the employee before a Payment Summary (PAYG) can be produced.


For example: Sid Contractor has a Flat 15% tax rate. In his wages record the book keeper has selected the Tax Scale 75 Flat 15% rate from the drop-down list. The bookkeeper was not able to print a PAYG payment summary for this employee. (He does not have an ABN.)

To allow a payment summary to print for this employee we need to create a new tax scale that is in a range above 60.


  • Click on the Payroll toolbar icon.

  • Click on the Tax Scales tab.

  • Scroll down the Scale Name list and see if there is a number that has not been used between 47 and 59.

  • Click on the Add buttton.


  • In the Name field you need to add a number between 47 and 59, note you can not use a number already in use.

  • Now all you have to do is fill in the Earnings Less Than field (Always just 95000 on the flat rate tax scales) and then the (a) Multiplier and (b) Subtract fields, if you want 15% the multiplier and subtract fields are both 0.1500. (If you wanted 19.5% the fields would both be 0.1950, 13% would be 0.1300 and so on.)

  • Click on the OK button to save.

  • So for the 15% flat tax rate, the screen would look like the following:


  • Click on the Employees tab.

  • Click on the employee (i.e. Sid Contractor) to highlight.

  • Click on the Select Employee button.

  • Click on the Tax and Super tab.

  • Tax Scale - select new rate from the down-down list.

  • Click OK to save.


  • Click on Payroll toolbar icon.

  • Click on Reports tab.

  • Click on the Payments Summary radio dial.

  • In Employees: box, select <All> .

  • Tick the Incude totals summary check box. (So all employees are included in the PAYG Payment Summary Statement.)

  • Click on the Print button to print PAYG Payment Summary/s.


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