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Semen/Embryo's in Trading Accounts

Detailed Description

Please follow the steps to add an Embryo and Semen Sales into your Trading Accounts. 

  • Click on SetupAdvanced Trading Accounts menu option.


  • Click on Setup > Enterprise menu option.


  • Click on the livestock enterprise (e.g. Cattle) so it is highlighted.
  • Click on the Edit button.


  • Tick the Also contains a fibre/dairy/semen/embryo component check box.
  • In the Other 1 Sales Account select e.g. Sales - Embryo.
  • In the Other 2 Sales Account select e.g. Sales - Semen.
  • Add a Unit of Measure. For e.g. Straw/Embryo.
  • Click OK to save.

  • Click on the Close button to exit out of the Enterprises window.


  • Click on the + button next to <Livestock> on the Trading Accounts tree to show enterprises.
  • Click on the + button next to Cattle to show the cattle enterprise classes. 
  • <Sales - Embryo> and <Sales - Semen> are listed as by-products or a sub-class of the Cattle enterprise.


  • Click on the Close button.
  • Click Yes to Confirm message: ' Save changes to the trading accounts?'





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