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Copy Advanced Budget From One Company (or Cashbook) To Another


How do I export a budget from one Cashbook and import it into another Cashbook, or transfer it from one company to another in the same Cashbook?

Detailed Description

Step 1 - Export a budget:

1. Ensure that you are in the company/year containing the budget to be exported.

2. Click on the File > Data Transfer > Export menu option.

3. Click on Advanced Budget Data tab.

4. Tick the box next to the budget(s) that you wish to export.

5. Click on the Browse button to choose where to save the budget. You can optionally send it to the Data Warehouse as well.

6. Click on the OK button to start the export.

7. Click on the OK button (once the export is complete)


Step 2 - Import a budget:

1.  Switch to the Cashbook/Company into which you wish to import the budget.

2.  Click on the File > Data Transfer > Import menu option.


3. Tick the Load from Data Warehouse option if you saved the budget to the Data Warehouse.

4. Click on the Load Export button to either retrieve a file previously saved or from the Data Warehouse.

5. Once the file has been loaded, tick the budget(s) you wish to import.

6. Click on the Import button.

7. Click on the OK button.

8. Click Yes to confirm. 



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