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Cashbook won't open


What do I do if Cashbook won't open? 

Double-clicking on the Cashbook icon does not open Cashbook

Detailed Description

If you have tried to open Cashbook and it did not open, to try to get it to open you will first need to make sure that Cashbook is not already open by following the steps below:

Step 1

Hold down the

 Ctrl, Alt, Delete keys at the same time then click on Start Task Manager (your screen may look slightly different to the one below; that is ok just click on Start Task Manager)

Step 2

Look under the Processes tab for Windows 7, or Details tab for Windows 8 or later, for any Cashbook programs that are running (if they are running they will be listed there). There should be at least one Cashbook program listed there (if not please contact Practical Systems). 

Click on each of these and then click on End Task button to delete; you can close the Task Manager now by clicking the red cross in the top right hand corner

Windows 7

Windows 8

Step 3

Now double click on your Cashbook icon on your desk top and Cashbook should open; if it does not, restart your computer and then try to re-open Cashbook.

If the problem persists, please contact Practical Systems.

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