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Edit Email Template for Payslips


How to I change the Email Template for Payslips?

Detailed Description

When you email employees their payslips a covering letter is automatically created forming the Body of the main email. (Payslip/s are sent as an attachment.) The Subject of the email is automatically set also. If you wish to make changes to this letter you can edit the Email Payslip Template.

Step 1:

  • Click on Payroll  toolbar icon..
  • Click on the Reports tab.
  • Click on the Pay Slip radio dial.
  • Select the employees, date range etc.
  • Click on the Email Payslips button.
  • Click on the Edit EmailTemplate button.


Step 2:

  • On the right hand side of this window is a list of Placeholder References, e.g. <Employee>,  <TradeName> etc. These are known as 'Active Text'. This information is sourced from your company details entered via the Setup > Setting menu option. (<Employee> and <Date Range> are from employee setup and the Email Payslips window, respectively.) These can be inserted into the Subject or Body text boxes on the left hand side of this window.


  • To add a particular Placeholder Reference to these text boxes:
    • using the mouse place the cursor where you want it to be in the Subject or Body text box.
    • click on the Placeholder Reference you want inserted into the body of the text.
  • You can also add more general text to these text boxes, by simply typing.
  • Click on the OK button to save changes.

For example:


Note: If you want the information to revert back to the original cashbook invoice template, click on the Reset to default button.


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