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Importing EBV's / ASBV's directly onto the server for Agrisphere Users

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The purpose of the knowledge base article is to describe the process of importing Breedplan EBV's or Sheep Genetics ASBV's directly onto the Agrisphere server.

Importing EBV's directly onto the server saves time during the sync process, because the EBV's only need to be brought down to the client, rather than having to first be sent up and then brought down.

Importing the EBV's/ASBV's

  1. Go to the web site
  2. Select Login (on the top right hand side of the screen) and login using your normal Agrisphere credentials.
  3. Select Import | EBV's/ASBV's from the main menu.
  4. Select the database (from the drop down list) you wish to import the EBV's into.  
  5. Press the Import a File button to bring up the import screen.
  6. On the import screen select the File Type you wish to import, select the actual file and set the type of EBV's/ASBV's you are importing.
  7. Press the Submit File for Importing button.

The import will then begin. You can check the progress of the import by clicking on the Refresh List button on the main import screen.

Once the import has been completed you can then sync the changes down to you computer/device.

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