PS Cashbook

Advantage Database Server could not be found


This error appears when attempting to open Cashbook.

Detailed Description

Determine where the Cashbook data is located

Go to the Cashbook installation folder and locate CBPlus.ini in the Programs folder (default CBPlus.ini file location C:\Program Files (x86)\PracSys\CBPlus\Programs\CBPlus.ini).

DatabaseLocation=\\SERVER\Cashbook Data

Example CBPlus.ini file contents


Advantage Database Server

Ensure the Advantage Database Server service is installed and running on SERVER. Start the service if it has been stopped. If the service is already running, see below.


Network Configuration

IPv6 being enabled on both SERVER and the client workstation can cause issues. Advantage 12 does not currently support IPv6.

Cashbook uses port 6262 for the advantage service discovery. Ensure this port is not being blocked on the network


Bypass Advantage Service Discovery

If none of the above steps help, create a file named ADS.INI in the same directory as CBPlus.ini.

Add the following details, where SERVER is the name of the server above, and LAN_IP is the server's IPv4 address.


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