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Adding a planner in Advanced Budget


How do you add a planner to an enterprise in advanced budgets? 


Detailed Description

When trying to add a planner in an enterprise an error may occur saying "You have already attached all available planners to this enterprise."

The Crop Identifier or Livestock Class first needs to be added to the enterprise within the 'Edit Enterprise' screen.

To do this, click on the enterprise and go to Edit Enterprise. 

Select Add in the 'Edit Enterprise' screen

Enter the DSE and Value for Livestock Classes or the Area and Value for Crop Identifiers. For example 3 YO STEERS with a DSE of 10 and a Value of 550.

Select OK.

Now select 'Add Planners.'

Select the Available Planner that has been created. 

Select OK.

You will then be asked to enter opening values for the newly added planners.



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