PS Cashbook

Restoring Data from Recovered Files (Hard drive)


To be used when recovered hard drive data is being restored onto a new computer and Data Warehouse or normal backups are not avaliable. 

Detailed Description

Cashbook files must have the whole Data file copied into the new location, you can not just insert the company files into the new location as it will not read them. 

To find where to paste the recovered files in the current download of Cashbook:

  1. Right click on Cashbook Plus logo on Desktop and Open file location
  2. Open Programs and find CBPlus.ini
  3. Look for the line DatabaseLocation and copy the text after the equals (=)
  4. Press the windows key + R, paste in the text and click OK or press Enter
  5. Rename the current Data file to Data-old.
  6. Paste the new file in. Before deleting Data-old check that Cashbook is now loading the desired companies/records. 

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