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Two animals on Scales with Panel Reader (Live Entry & TSI)


Two animals are in the crush with a panel reader and a red box has appeared on the Visual Identification (VID) display. What is this and how can I record data against the animals?

Detailed Description

A panel reader will continue to read an Electronic Identification (EID) while its in range, however it will only send the tag to Stockbook once. If two animals are in reader range it will continue to send tags alternately to Stockbook until one animal is removed from its range. Stockbook will queue the animals, which is displayed as a red box with a number on the VID display (top left corner). This number represents the number of animals in the queue.

To record data against the animals follow the Steps below:

Step 1: If the animals are already on SB and can be identified with a VID:

  1. Remove the second animal from the crush
  2. Check that VID of the animal in the crush corresponds to the animal in Live Entry (LE)
  3. Reweigh the animal
  4. Process in LE
  5. Save
  6. The next animal should automatically appear on the LE screen
  7. Process the animal
  8. Save
  9. The first animal should now appear on the screen again with the message that it has already been handled today 


Step 2: If the animals are new and cannot be identified with a VID:

  1. Remove both animals from the crush
  2. Read a spare tag
  3. A Message will appear asking
    1. New animal
    2. Existing Animal
    3. Ignore
  4. Select the Ignore option
  5. You are now able to read the animal again

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