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Stockbook TSi - Live Entry Troubleshooting

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Scales (TSi)

  1. Make sure you have the scales selected in one of the boxes at the top of the Live Entry screen and the Gallagher Weigh App available on the task bar.
  2. The scales show the real time weight.
  3. To zero the scales click on the Gallagher Weigh App > Zero tab

*Scales have to be on COM6 in the LE setup screen 

To reweigh an animal:

  1. Click on the Gallagher Weigh App > Reweigh tab.
  2. Then click on the weigh tab on your screen or press F12 on your keyboard to bring the new weight into L

*Always replace the caps on the load bar leads and the TSi. Dirt and moisture in the connections can cause problems

*Be careful not to bend or kink the leads

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