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Calibrate Scales

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Before Calibrating scales, please have the people check the weight on all four diagonal corners and centre, making sure its a similar weight (will not be exact) in every spot. If it is not similra weight there is no point calibrating, as it is more than likely a load cell, and calibration will only cause other issues. (Speak to Rob or Chris if this happens). 

Calibrate Scales

Calibrate Scales

If the scales are not recording the correct weight they will need to be calibrated

  1. Right click on the small Gallagher icon in the notification area on the Task Bar
  2. Select Engineering Options
  3. Select Adjust Span
  4. Make sure the scales have no weight on them, shut the doors of the crush, and click the Zero  option
  5. Have a KNOWN weight available. The heavier the better, as it will give a greater accuracy (minimum 200Kgs)
  6. Enter the known weight
  7. Select Weigh
  8. Select Accept Span when it becomes available
  9. Close the window


Your scales should now be weighing correctly. The TSi will remember the load bars through the resister in the plug

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