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Adding shrinkage factor to an animal after it has been weighed

Detailed Description

Procedure for adding a shrinkage factor on animals after their weight has already been recorded in Stockbook. 

    1. Select the appropriate animals that you would like to add the shrinkage factor on

    2. Go to Reports>Performance>Weights 

    3. Select the Type as 'Specific Weights' and the 1st Obs. Code as 'PSW' or whichever Obs. Code was assigned to their weights

    4. Select Print Preview 


    5. Make a note of the Total weight figure   

    6. Close the report 

    7. Go to Events>Weighing

    8. Enter in the shrinkage factor first

    9. Tick the box 'Split total weight based on each animal's last weight'

    10. You will then get this message

    11. Add in the total weight that was found in the weight report 

    12. Add the weighing date as the same date as the sale date 

    13. Click OK

    14. When going into the weight records of each animal you will see a sale weight recorded against the animal

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