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Submitting a DNA Test Request to your Breed Society

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The purpose of this article is to describe the process of submitting a DNA test request to your breed society.


1. Select the animals in the animal list that you wish to perform the DNA test request on.


2. Select File | Export Options | DNA Test Request Form from the Stockbook main menu.


3. Fill out the form as below:

3.1 If you have a list of potential sires and dams with existing DNA case numbers (i.e. MIP or SNP traits) you can select them here. The animals must have already been put on separate user lists. Setting these lists is optional.

3.2 These selection boxes allow you to default the settings for all the items in the list below. Make your selection (leave blank anything you don't want changed) and press the Apply Defaults To All button.

3.3 You can decide which animals and samples you wish to include in this submission by ticking or unticking these check boxes. Tick and untick by double clicking on the check box.

3.4 Although the first few columns are locked / read only, the rest of the columns allow you to select different options for each sample being submitted. Note that if you reapply the defaults in item 2, you may overwrite any individual changes you make.


4. Once you have completed this form, press the Next button. You may be notified that not all of the animals displayed have been selected for inclusion in the submission, otherwise the following screen will be displayed.

You must tick the checkboxes to signify that you agree to all of these questions, before the next button will be enabled.


5. Once you select the next button, you will be presented with a summary report of the submission. This report is for your reference only and should NOT be sent directly to the breed society.


6. When you close the report you will be notified that a ZIP file has been created in your Stockbook documents folder (in My Documents on your computer). This ZIP file is the file you email to your breed society.


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