PS Cashbook

User Accounts

Detailed Description

Cashbook User Management

Only users set up with the Administrator option can access this section.


A user with with the Administrator option selected can:

  • Access User Management
  • Enable and Disable User Access.
  • Add, Edit, and Delete user accounts
  • Disable and enable other users accounts (can't disable their own account)
  • Change the password for other users in cases of forgotten passwords


Non-administrator users can only manage their own account. They will not have access to this section.


Add: Add a new user account.

Edit: Make changes to an existing user account.

Delete: Deletes the user account.

Change Password: If a user has forgotten their password, use this option to change or reset the password. You can automatically generate a new password for the user.

Disable/Enable: Enable or disable the account. Disabled accounts cannot be used to log in.

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