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Single Touch Payroll - How to fix STP Payroll Setup Errors


How do I fix errors listed in the STP Setup Errors window?

Detailed Description

The ATO imposes certain requirements on what information must be submitted as part of Single Touch Payroll reporting.

Most of these requirements are validated in Cashbook to reduce the likelyhood of rejected submissions. Any details that Cashbook detects are missing or invalid will be listed as setup errors when Single Touch Payroll has been enabled.


See the screenshots below for examples of some common errors. Please note that you will not be able to submit any STP information while setup errors exist.

To fix the errors, simply double-click on a red box and fill in the information specified in the message. As errors are fixed, they will be removed from the list.

In this example, Cashbook has detected some Company Setup details are missing, as well as some details for several employees.


Company Errors:

  • Double-clicking on any of the red boxes under the Company Setup Errors heading will open the Settings window.
  • Enter an ABN, Business and Contact name, and a location (Town/Suburb/City)


Employee Errors:

  • For each employee, double-click on a red box underneath the employee's name
  • Enter valid details corresponding to the error
    • Harold Kumar: Does not have a Town/Suburb/City. 
    • Jane Doe: Does not have a Payroll ID. With Single Touch Payroll enabled, each employee must have a unique Payroll ID.
    • John Doe: Does not have a TFN. A Tax File Number is required for all employees without the Contractor status (an ABN is required for contractors).

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