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The following employees have annual leave allocation due


Detailed Description

Annual & Sick Leave in Cashbook

On the anniversary of each employee's date commenced, Cashbook will prompt you to add a Leave Record for the leave accrued over the previous year.

Follow the steps below for each employee listed in the prompt


Step 1:

On the Employees tab, double-click on the employee's record, then go to the Leave Records tab.

Make a note of the Date Commenced.





Step 2:

Click the Add button to add a new Leave Record

  • Date: must be the anniversary of the employee's Date Commenced. I.e. the day and month are the same as the Date Commenced, however the year should be the current year.
  • Detail/Notes: This is for your own record keeping, however it should be something to indicate this is their annual entitlement.
  • Leave Due: This should equal the amount in Annual Entitlement
  • Leave Taken: Blank


Click the OK button to save the leave record.




Step 3:

Repeat for Sick Leave. Click on the Leave Type list, and pick Sick



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