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Connecting the TW1 Indicator to Windows10 Bluetooth


This article explains how to connect the TW1 indicator to Windows10 Bluetooth for use with Stockbook.

It is very important to undertstand the nature of the Bluetooth relationship.  The TW1 is the slave, it is looking for the connection to be initiated by the PC / Laptop / Toughbook (PC) (Master).

Note: The TW should only need to be set up once. If it disconnects (if for instance the PC is turned off), the settings are retained. Once the PC and Stockbook Live Entry is restarted, it will reconnect providing that the settings have not been changed on the PC.

Detailed Description

Step 1

1. Turn on the TW1

2. Look for the settings which is located on the right hand side of the opening screen.

    Select settings

3. Select Device Settings

4.Select Bluetooth

5.You should now see

Please Note "No Devices" is expected.  The TW1 is now ready to receive a connection from the PC

Step 2

On the PC go to the icon tray, located to the right hand side of the task bar and select the Bluetooth.icon

1. Select Add a Bluetooth Device from the pop-up menu in the Windows System tray.

2.  Click + to add a new device

3. Select Bluetooth.

4. When the TW is found, click the device name.

5. Windows will attempt to connect and display a number. A number does not appear on the TW but still click Connect.

6.You should now see

Click Done

6. You need to find the serial port that Windows has created for the TW1.

     Find and select  “More Bluetooth Options.” 

8. Click on the COM Ports tab. 

9. A list of COM ports will appear.

Take note of the outgoing COM Port select OK

Step 3

The next sequence is to link the COM PORT to Stockbook

1.Open Stockbook

2. Select Live Entry.

3. Go to "Devices"

4.Select Scales

   Select Gallagher/ Rudweigh Km3/300...800,

   Select the COM Port from the drop down box that was displayed previously refer Step 2 number 9

   Select OK

   (Note com 13 is demonstration only, you will need to select the COM PORT specific to your computer)


5. Once the correct COM port has been selected, the green light should appear notifying that it is ready. 


Step 4

Go back to the TW1, note the change in the "Connected Devices", you will now see your computer displayed

1. On the TW home screen go to the System settings

2.  Select Device Settings 

3.  Select Bluetooth.

3.  Select the device, in this instance "Mark PC"

3.  Check that Data Device is ticked (depending on model). NOTE, When first setting up with PC Bluetooth the PC / Smart Phone is initially selected and this needs to be changed to Data     Device/Data Output.


4. Go back to the TW system settings (first page),

5. Go to Equipment Connections, 

6  Check Data Device, your PC name should be displayed, Select Data Device.

Note: comment "Connected to Master"

7.  Using the arrow on teh left hand side return to  "Settings" and select "Equipment Connections"

8. Select Data Device

9.Select Settings

10 Make sure is  Ruddweigh select View options. 

15.  Make sure these boxes are checked under view options. All options should be ticked EXCEPT "Send on Weight Lock" and "Send on Weight Change". 

17 Select the Home button on the body of the scales

18. Select New and Quick Start, you are now ready to collect weights

19. Finally Go into a Live Entry session once the green lights are appearing, if scales are connected the weight appear in Scale Weight once weight locked in.  


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