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What is the Stockbook® DNA tab?

Each animal in Stockbook® has a DNA tab associated with it. This tab is the central location for all of the DNA data linked to that animal. The DNA data can include sample information, test requests and test results/case numbers.


Where is the DNA tab located?

The DNA tab is visible either in the main animal list or when you view/edit an individual animal.


What is contained on the DNA tab?

The DNA tab contains 3 sections:

DNA Samples

A list of all DNA samples (hair, TSU, etc) and their associated sample id and type, that have been taken from this animal.

DNA Test Requests

Any test requests made using the Stockbook® "Export DNA Test Request", or imported manually. It will list all of the parameters used in the test request.

If you would like to only see test requests associated with the currently selected sample (in the DNA samples list) tick on "Only show test requests and result related to the selected sample".

DNA Results

This is a list of all of the test results that have been added against this animal.

Test results can be linked to an animal via a test request, a sample or the animals ID. There is a column that will show you the link origin of the result.

You can display only those results linked to the currently selected test request by ticking "Only show test results related to select test request".


What DNA data can I enter in Live Entry?

Only DNA samples can be entered via Live Entry. You can enter the sample ID and the sample type (TSU, Hair, etc). Note that you can use the barcode reader/scanner to input the sample ID.


What DNA data can be imported?

DNA samples, test requests and results can all be imported into Stockbook®, using the standard import details from data file function.

Note that any DNA test requests done using the export DNA Test Request feature will automatically assign their data to the animal.


How do I get my existing DNA data from Traits into the DNA module?

You can migrate the information into the DNA tab by using Utilities | Maintenance | Migrate DNA Data.

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