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Importing ET Data


Importing an Embryo Transfer Program

Before beginning this process please sync your database and do a local backup as a precaution as this process cannot be undone.


Detailed Description

Please check the CSV file is correctly formatted before attempting the import.

  1. The whole Spreadsheet needs to be sorted by;
           a. DONOR DAM
           b. SIRE
  2. Two columns need to be inserted, Embryo ID and No. of Embryo’s.
           a. In the No of Embryo’s column enter the value 1 in each row
           b. Create an Embryo ID Associated with the ET program name.
                  i. Program name eg.  XXXX
                 ii. Embryo ID made up of PROGRAMNAME_DONORDAM.EMBRYO#(Start at 01)
                                  eg. XXXX_A12.01

  3. Save the CSV file and close.
  4. Go into Stockbook and create the ET Program eg. XXXX
  5.  Go to Import options > Details from data file > Select File.        
    a. Check that the RECIP cows are on file       
           b. Check that the DONOR DAMS are on file
           c. Check that the SIRES are on file
           d. Once all Animals are on file can proceed with first import


First import is setting up the Flush Details 

  1. Import details from data file > Select CSV file
  2. Dam will be ET flush – Donor
  3. Sire will be ET flush – Sire
  4. No. Embryos  will be ET flush – No. Frozen
  5. Go to ET details Tab in the import and select ET program or create if not already created and check the Auto Create Embryo ID box.
  6. Proceed with Import.
  7. Go to ET module within Stockbook and Check the details have come through and the status should be FROZEN

Second import is setting up the Transfer Details

  1. Import details from data file > Select CSV file
  2. Recipient Dam will be ET Transfer – Recip Dam
  3. Embryo ID will be ET Transfer – Embryo ID
  4. Scanned date/time will be Date - Observation date or select correct date in Default Date
  5. Go to ET details tab in import screen and select ET program XXXX, DO NOT CHECK AUTO CREATE EMBRYO ID.
  6. Proceed with import.
  7. Go to ET module and check that details have come through, should be In IN UTERO.
  8. Go to Last import and check that the cows are all joined etc.


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