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Bank Reconciliation Problems


Why am I getting the error 'Final balances do not reconcile!' when trying to reconcile bank accounts?


Detailed Description

One possible cause is that the opening balance has been changed. To check the opening balance of that bank account:

Step 1

  • Click on the SetupOpening Balances Bank Accounts menu option

Step 2

  1. Select the correct Bank account by clicking on the drop down arrow. Check to see if the opening balance of that account is the same as what you entered when it was created or what it was set to at the begining of the financial year.

If your opening balance is correct for its financial year then it's possible there are transactions that have not been entered or are incorrect.
You will have to go back to the Reconcile screen and clear all transactions by clicking on the button.
Redo your reconciliation, checking very carefully that the amount you have entered for each transaction is the same amount as the corresponding entry in your bank statement.

For other tips, view "Final balances do not reconcile" to see how to unreconcile your accounts to then re-reconcile them.

Any further problems please do not hesistate to contact the support team at Practical Systems. 

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