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Trading Account Transactions - No Matching Enterprise Error


When rolling over or completing a transaction check, the error 'trading account transactions with no matching enterprise' appears. 

Detailed Description

It is hard to define a particular solution to this error and solutions differ between Cashbook Plus and Cashbook Platinum. Below are a few things you can check in each program: 


Assign a Default Enterprise to a related account in the Chart of Accounts

This means that when this account is used in a cashbook transaction, the default enterprise assigned to this account code will automatically be selected.

  • Click on the Chart toolbar icon.
  • Click on the All Accounts tab.
  •  Enter the account code relating to the error in the Search For Code text box.
  • Double click on the code to Edit.
  • Check that there is a Default Enterprise selected that matches the Account. For e.g. Sale - Cattle, the Default Enterprise would be 'Cattle'. 
  • Click on the OK button to save.



Cashbook Platinum

  • Check the purchase and sales account of the enterprise
  • Click on Setup > Enterprises > Names menu options.
  • Click on the enterprise causing the error and then click on the Edit button.
  • In the Optional section make sure the enterprise is selected in the Enterprise Group text box. e.g. CATTLE.
  • Check that the Purchase Account and Sales Account selected match the enterprise selected. e.g. 140 Purchases - Cattle and 040 Sales - Catlle are accounts specific to the enterprise Cattle.

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