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Adding payroll transactions to cashbook


How do I add my payroll records into Cashbook?

Detailed Description

This article details how to set up an employee so pays can be added from Payroll into Cashbook.

For how to add existing pays into Cashbook, click here.


Step 1

Enable adding pays to Cashbook for the employee:

  • Click on the Payroll tool-bar icon (also accessible via the Registers/Payroll menu option)
  • Select the employee
  • Click on the Employee Details tab
  • Tick the box Add Pay Transactions to Cashbook


Set the Pay By setting:

  • Click on the Default Pay Rates tab
  • Select a Pay By option other than Cash


Step 2

When you add a pay into Payroll, the following prompt will appear. Click Yes to add the transaction into Cashbook.


Step 3

The pre-filled transaction window will appear, similar to below:

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