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Bulk Change - Primary/Society ID's/Tattoo


How do I change the Primary ID, Society ID or Tattoo for more than one animal at a time? 


Detailed Description

Bulk Change Animal Identification: 

NOTE: A bulk change cannot be 'Undone'. Please ensure you do a backup before doing any bulk changes.

Step 1.

Highlight the animals that you want to change the ID's in the Animal screen. 

Step 2.

Go to Utility > Bulk Changes > Basic Animal Details

Step 3.

  • Select Primary/ Society Id./Tattoo from the list.
  • Choose which ID you wish to change
  • Enter the changes you wish to make (i.e. delete characters from the start, add characters to the end). 
  • Once you have entered what changes you want to make click OK.

  • Stockbook will now make the necessary changes to the ID's of the nominated animals. 

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