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Print mailing labels from my contacts list?


Print mailing labels from my contacts list into a Microsoft Word version 2010?

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Step 1:

Click on the Contacts button

Step 2:

Highlight the contacts you want to print mailing labels for. The list can be filtered by Contact Type. When you have finished making your selection, click on the Mail Merge button at the bottom right.

Step 3:

Open Microsoft Word. Click on the Mailings tab across the top, then click the Start Mail Merge button. In the dropdown list, select Lables...


Step 4:

Select the Label vendor from the dropdown list, then pick the product number. If either the label vendor or product number doesn't exist, click on the New Label... button (you'll need to fill in the required information then click the OK button).

Once you have selected the appropriate label vendor and product number, click the OK button.


Step 5:

Click on the Select Recipients button, then select Use Existing List...


Step 6:

The MailMerge file will be located in your Documents\Stockbook folder.


Step 7:

Once you have selected the file, click on the bottom part of the Insert Merge Field button, then select the desired item in the list. Repeat this step to add each field you want to print on your labels. Once you have all of the fields inserted, you can add extra text by typing in the desired area, add line breaks and set up any formatting (font-size, text alignment, etc).


Step 8:

At any time you can click on the Update Labels button. This will copy all of the formatting for the first label into all the other labels.

You can also use the Preview Results button to check out the labels will look as you go.



Step 9:

When you're ready, click the Finish & Merge button, then select the appropriate option.

If you're unsure, select Edit Individual Documents...


Step 10: 

Save the Word Document so it can be used as a template for next time. The next time you open that Word Document, click the Yes button to use the information in the MailMerge file. It will automatically update if a new file has been exported from Stockbook.

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